Six month pictures

Here are some new studio shots of the boys at six months. It's amazing - they can sit up for a few seconds on their own, are very close to crawling and are able to roll right across the room if they want to get some where. I am afraid - very, very afraid. It doesn't help that this week Ava opened the sliding door and escaped twice while I was changing diapers and also learned how to open the child proof locks on the cupboard doors. Anyway, here are the pictures:


There is just something about the way the light is hitting his goobery lower lip.


Thanks for looking!


Anonymous said…
Adorable!! Yes, you do have three little "Houdini" children. You have to admit they are adorable and so much fun!!!
You are truly blessed, for they are such a joy to be around.
Karen E. said…
What fabulous pictures Jen of fabulous boys! You have caputured some treasured looks here! Thanks for sharing.
I can see Miss Ava heading out the patio doors with a huge smile on her face and her eyes aglow ;) What a monkey. Who's side do they get these traits from ? ;)
Sheri said…
What a pair of cuties! I can't believe they're already six months old! As always the pictures are fantastic, great job! What lens did you use?
Melissa said…
GORGEOUS! Little heartbreakers already!
Thanks everyone! I really appreciate it. Sheri - the lens I used is a Sigma 17-70. I love it.
Anonymous said…
Jen the photos are beautiful, they are so cute and growing so quickly.
A Gail