Day 29 {goober kiss}

Today was a fun day. And a great day for pictures with lots of beautiful light streaming in through the windows. As a result, I have lots of pictures for you today.

New nicknames were assigned today by Ava. From this point on, Ethan is Bammo, Owen is Queedie and Ava is Punk.

As usual, a poor dog was harassed.

Poor Scarlett. In this picture it looks like she's saying "If they bring one more baby home from the hospital, I swear to God I am packing my stuff and I am out of here."

Tell me this isn't a devious look on Bammo's face.

As usual the living room was destroyed. Punk pleaded with me to watch the Pussycat Dolls again. The second I put it on, all three kids came crawling out from where they where playing and started bopping around and swaying back and forth. (Queedie's hard to see - he's up near the tv.)

Queedie made it to 12:15 before he crashed...

and Bammo crashed almost an hour before.

Punk went to wake up Queedie and got in trouble for that as well as for getting Dora alphagetti all over her clothes.

But how do you yell at her when A. she looks at you like this and B. the huge pants she dressed herself in this morning fall down to her ankles as she stands there talking to you.

Auntie M came by for a visit after school.

Auntie M and her god son Queedie.

Would you believe that Punk took this picture? I am very impressed. Other than tweaking it a bit for posting, I did nothing to the composition. This was all Punk.

Punk's new thing. A "goober kiss". She puckers up her lips and rubs them all over your cheek. And you are not allowed to wipe it off. She is very insulted if you do. (These pictures are my favourites for today.)

Did I mention that no matter what the current nicknames are, Auntie M's nickname is always Nuts? This is Punk yelling goodbye to Nuts. This is her new thing. She yells at people at the top of her lungs as they walk to their car. This is her screaming one of three things she usually yells at Nuts: "I love you!", "Ciao, Bella!" or my personal favourite "Bear Cheese!" (Punk's version of arrivederci).

Well that's it for today. Hope you all had a great day. Thanks for looking!


Christy said…
Love the goober kisses shot.
Melissa said…
Thanks Jen. Love the pictures - each and every one. I was telling Uncle Craig about the goober kiss last night. Hilarious! I had such a great time with the kids. They are so precious and I treasure every chance I get to see them! Thanks for all the laughs!
Shannon said…
I know why Ava calls Auntie M, "Nuts" that 'cause she is a little nuts. he he he.

Gorgeous photos. I must say my favourites are of the boys conked out in the highchair and on the floor. My kids never did that and it is so cute.
Kristin said…
Can I just say I love your pictures!! They are really amazing. I love reading your blog. And sorry you had to go back to work.
Erika said…
Beautiful photos! Aren't kids the cutest when they are asleep..? :)
Anonymous said…
I love the stories behind the pictures. My favorite picture is of Bammo sleeping!! ;-)