Day 65

Today was a quiet and relaxing day for me at work. I suspect that the babysitter cannot say the same as she was at our house all day.

Anyway, Wednesday was Tulip Day for the Lung Association. When I got to my desk this morning I found these beauties sitting on my desk:

My birthday is in a few days and at work we take treats for everyone on our birthday. I had some time to bake with Ava yesterday so I took some squares.

I made some more of these which you probably remember from a few weeks ago.

And I made these which are one of my favourites. They weren't as good as my grandmother's but they were not bad. Technically these are called Peanut Butter Marshmallow squares, but my cousin once said they looked like earplugs and now I can't get that out of my head.

Nana's Fantabulous Earplug Squares

1 pkg. butterscotch chipits
1/2 c. butter
1 c. peanut butter
1 pkg. mini coloured marshmallows

Combine butter and peanut butter and chipits in a saucepan on low - medium heat until melted. Take off heat and cool mixture before adding marshmallows. Pour mixture into ungreased cake pan. Spread evenly. Refrigerate until cold and cut into squares. Keep in refrigerator.

And in true Castanheiro fashion, my birthday week begins. Why have only one day when you can celebrate for a full week?! Here I am opening my present from my parents - a 1 TB external drive. Already the wheels are turning at all of the possibilities. Just think of the goodies I can store on this bad boy. Thanks Mom & Dad! xo

And that's it for today. Thanks for looking!


Anonymous said…
Tulips are so beautiful! And Happy Birthday!!! That 1tb is awesome. You will have fun ;-) No worry to fill that up anytime soon. lol
Erika said…
The flowers are beautiful, lovely photos of them! Tulips are so much spring to me, promise of warmer times to come.
Happy birthday, in advance! :) 1TB is a lot of space, so nice of your parents.