Day 76

Today was a great day. I got to go out for lunch with my dad on my lunch hour and came back to a fabulous baked potato for St. Patrick's Day compliments of our great social committee. There's nothing like having poutine for lunch and having a baked potato loaded with cheese and bacon for dessert lol.

St. Patrick's Day isn't an occasion we celebrate in my family as my Dad's family is from England and my Mom's family is from Guyana so I am always surprised by how excited people get by it. But when in Rome, right? So I bought the kids shirts to celebrate.

Knowing the shirts would be destroyed by spills and messes by the time I got home, I had to take pictures before I left in the morning so these pictures aren't the best as I was on the run.

Somebody lucked out and got a treat even though she didn't deserve it because she was very cranky.

Ethan in his shirt. This is a total Ethan look. He has such an innocent face.

Unlike this one right here who gives us a run for our money each and every day.

And everybody wonders why my UV filter is always dirty...

Today it went to 15 C and we even got a chance to go outside after I got home from work. This was the boys' first time walking outside and the first time they have worn shoes for more than five minutes.

Owen explored and socialized with Nana & Grandad.

Ava screamed and ran around like a crazy person.

and helped to clean the street. (Remember the mountain of snow at the end of the street? It's almost gone.)

And Ethan tried to eat every piece of gravel he could find (this second picture reminds me how happy I am they are getting haircuts on Saturday).

I wanted to get this shot as I figured that 25 years from now it will be cool for the kids to see what kind of vehicle we drove and what our house looked like at this particular point in time.

I have a pile of other pictures but that's enough for today and time to call it a night.

Thanks for looking and thank you so much to everyone who has been posting kind and encouraging comments - it's greatly appreciated. :)


listgirl said…
I love that photo with the focus on the green M&M! And Ethan is so cute with his big eyes, he sure does look all innocent! Great photos, brilliant colors!
Sheri said…
Love the pics Jen, especially the ones with your parent's & the kids. The one with your Dad lifting up one of the boys is priceless!
Erika said…
Lovely pics! The one with Ethan smiling is just adorable!! All of them looks so cute with thier St. Patricks day shirts on. Love the angel in the last phot too, so cool!
Melissa said…
All beautiful pics, Jen! I can't find a favourite today - they're all adorable! Looking forward to spending the day with you guys tomorrow!
Anonymous said…
OO the hair cut. ;-( HIs hair is beautiful!! They will look like lil' men. sniffle sniffle. lol Winter has lasted to long and its hard when we can't go outside. These are great shots of them out playing. I love the old navy shirts. Green and pink go great together Good shots Jennifer ;-)
Debra said…
Great photos, and they all show such personality! Love that close up of Ethan...great angle, and so sweet!! All of the photos look like they were having such fun!
Fabella said…
Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog!

I spend a lot of time now on your blog .. your photos are so amazing, love them!!

I'm sure, I will come back soon to have a look what's new here!

Greetings Fabella
tconlan said…
I just love the sweet portraits of your kiddos!!! Beautiful!! :)