Day 117 {downtown}

Today was a perfect day. Not sure what the temperature was, but it had to be at least the 27 C they forecasted. Janie and I went for a long walk downtown on our lunch hour. It was so gorgeous and nice to get outside. I am even sporting a sunburn tonight. Right on.

First we went to Goldie's Mill. I love this place and have been several times. A picture from my first trip to Goldie's Mill can be found here. Ahhh...Weezy Jefferson. Good times, good times. I had forgotten about that.

Having been on previous occasions I tried to take some shots I hadn't taken before. No small feat considering the amount of pictures I take on a daily basis. Anyway, here are a couple:

A window through a window:

A shadow.

I was here...

From there we followed the train tracks in search of more graffiti.

There was some cool stuff along the tracks.

And then we hit the mother load:

It was graffiti overload. From what we can tell there are lots of graffiti artists in Guelph and there is a terrible poet with crappy poems and a ballpoint pen. My personal favourite is the stencil guy:

However, it doesn't look like the stencil guy was happy today:

Can't blame him. He create works of art and this dude just goes around writing his name on buildings. We saw this signature in several spots downtown. Pointless indeed.

Anyway, this is hilarious. I was quite taken by this genie dude and took a handful of pictures of him. I didn't notice until I got back to the office that somebody had added on that I didn't notice when we were there. Maybe it was Mr. Stencil in a fit of rage. Whatever the case, I have censored it for the faint-hearted.

This piece of graffiti takes me back to my rap loving (believe it or not) college days. Rest in peace, man.

Other random shots:

I really wish I could stop taking sunflare shots....SHANNON.

Hmmm...wasn't Earth Day just a few days ago? We found these abandoned computers on our walk along Wellington Street. Meatheads.

Instead of scary transients, this time we encountered Canada geese. I think they scared me more than the homeless people. Sure they look friendly here but I didn't like the way they were looking at me. They looked hungry.

Anyway, it was a fantastic day and so nice to get out in the

That's it! Thanks for looking! I hope you all had a great day.


Anonymous said…
These are wonderful. Its nice to see art from all over. The stencil guy though that is Flippen funny ;-) Who uses stencils really lol I think the shadows turned out good too. ;-)
tconlan said…
AWESOME shots!!! Love the train tracks and your graffiti shots rock!
Shannon said…
Love the photos and yes I admit, I too am addicted to sunflares! They are so cool. Great shots.
Melissa said…
Very neat pictures Jen! Glad you aren't going there alone to get these shots!
Sujomi (SuzyH) said…
These are so great. Too funny about the censored image. And geese can be scary and mean. I hate it when they hiss.