day 203 {ava's socks}

A pretty uneventful day today. Ava played in her room for a bit this morning before swimming lessons. When I walked by her room I discovered she had unpacked her overnight bag from her sleepover at my parents' house on Sunday night. She had two overnight bags. One I packed for her and the one that she packed on Friday. The contents of her bag? 22 pair of socks, a tiara, a dress and underwear. She had the socks unpacked and lined up on the floor like this:

Somebody (me) had the brilliant idea to abandon the colour coding and put Ethan in red and Owen in blue which confused me for the whole day. I had to stop and think before I called out to either of them.

Here they are warming up for another fun game of "pull the picture frame off the wall". This is just before I ran across the room to stop them.

That was it. The only other photo worthy thing about yesterday would have been my dance party with the kids before bed. We listened and danced to Ava's new favourite song:

Thanks for looking!


Mari said…
I love that sock picture - so funny!
tconlan said…
LOVE the sock picture! great perspective and fun story!