day 228 {wasaga beach}

This was a busy weekend. On Sunday we packed up the kids early and headed to the beach for the day. We went to my aunt and uncle's cottage in Wasaga Beach. We usually go up at least once a year (you can find pictures from the two trips we made last year here) and I always enjoy the drive there. The wind farms near Shelburne are pretty cool. Owen seemed to like them too:

We ended up back roading it since my dad was using his GPS and we ended up going by a couple of wind turbines that were close to the road. The turbines look big but I had no idea how big until we got closer. That's a combine to the left of the closest turbine and a transport truck on the right.

In no time we were at the cottage. I love coming here. It's changed a lot over the years. I remember sleeping in the little cottage that used to be here and having to pee in the outhouse out back. I remember us taking a bar of soap down to the beach and having a bath in the water.

We went to the beach and I wore not only shorts but a bathing suit so you know it had to be damn hot if that happened.

Owen was apparently thirsty:

For once Ethan put on a show instead of Owen. It was the Ethan show all day and Owen was the quiet and reserved one for once. I managed to catch one of his shows with the camera. Ava had come in from the water and was freezing so my mom bundled her up. He came over, checked to see who it was,

saw it was Ava and started jumping on her head. This is typical Ethan and Ava. He is forever beating her up. One of these days she is going to fight back and he is going to be in big trouble.

Owen spent a lot of time with his nana:

As did Ava (here they are eating gummy bears):

Ava had a great time and kept going back into the water even though her lips were purple:

Ethan kept pulling Owen's hair in the stroller and wouldn't leave him alone. Here's Owen walking back from the beach with Daddy after a good cry.

Ava had a blast with my aunt and cousin:

Ethan had us on the run the entire day and drove us crazy

but fell fast asleep five minutes after we left Wasaga.

And the best part of the whole day? My mom made my grandmother's famous pine tarts which I haven't had in a few years. They were fabulous.

Thanks for looking!


Mari said…
Great day at the beach! You have some sweet pictures. I love the sunset shot.
Hello from Wasaga Beach. No sunshine today:( Great photos.