Day 297 {clean sweep}

Today fall cleaning started in our house. I have decided that over the next 30 days this house is getting an overhaul. The result of one day of organizing? Five bags of clothes for goodwill out of the closets and dressers and a fraction of the toys in the living room. The upstairs hall is full but the stuff is all organized for leaving the house.

I had a little helper working with me. Ava spent part of the morning trying on clothes to see if they still fit and running around with four shirts on at a time. The rest of the morning and half of the afternoon she ran around wearing purple underwear and these socks she found in her dresser:

My other picture of the day. Ava has been practicing writing her letters and tries to follow along when I read her stories. She has asked me to teach her to read. She has been making signs and taping them in different spots in the house. Here is a sign she made for her brothers telling them "don't climb up on the table". I'm sure I don't have to tell you that it didn't work.

There's also a sign on the kitchen cupboards that says "don't climb on the kitchen counter". That one was disregarded too, surprise, surprise. Thanks for looking!