Day 319 {santa claus parade}

Not much happened today. There definitely wasn't any baking. I'm up a pound and not happy about it. I need to get my butt back in gear and start walking again.

Not many pictures today. Ethan stole Ava's princess shoes. Nothing new in this house. Shoes left at the front door are quickly stolen by the boys and paraded through the house no matter what style they are.

Here are some pictures of Ethan and Ava watching the Toronto Santa Claus parade with Nana. Once again my apologies for the terrible lighting - this whole getting dark early thing is killing me.

Owen's missing because he would much rather do morse code with the outside light.

Other than a lot of playing with the Wii, that was about it for today. Thanks for looking!


Erika said…
Hi, it was an awful lot of time since I last visited, but I'm so happy to see that you still hang in there with the 365-project!
The picture of Ethan with the princess shoes, and on the wrong foot, is so cute! I know about the bad lightning thing, seems we get no daylight at all anymore.
Flohbock said…
hii.. so sweet.. very nice Pic!