Day 16 {photo walk}

Today I got out of the house to take some pictures. Here is my official picture of the day - the Church of Our Lady, taken with a fish eye adapter I recently bought.

This week I was inspired by a recent Photojojo newsletter, so I was on a mission. They had a brilliant and hilarious idea for avoiding camera loss. So I had a whiteboard, some markers and a ridiculous plan. And who better to help me?

Jason R lol. It doesn't matter how crazy my plan is, he is on board and comes up with some equally interesting ideas of his own:

He continually teaches me that there is just as much beauty to be found in inanimate objects as there is in animate ones. Thank you Jason! Anyway, more about the whiteboard project later. Here are some of the other shots I took.

The company was fantastic but unfortunately the graffiti was lame. :(

A talking dinosaur?! Is that the best there is?! Apparently so, as the masterpiece I photographed in the spring has since been defaced and almost everything else I photographed in the past year has since been painted over. :(

Most of the new stuff wasn't worth photographing but some of it was okay.

I love you Mom. xo

For the first time I got to go inside the Church of Our Lady. It really is beautiful. There's just something so inspiring about the stained glass.

From there we went to Goldie's Mill and walked down by the river.

Then it was time to create the pictures I will leave on my memory cards in case my camera ever gets lost. Yes, I realize that not only am I a complete spaz, but the acting is piss poor and of Days of Our Lives caliber. I will definitely be sticking to my day job.

Not as great as Andrew's, but a valiant effort and a fun afternoon. Big thanks to Jason for taking these pictures (and for the $100 in the one picture...which I promptly returned). Thanks for a fun time Jason and thanks for looking!


Rochelle said…
I absolutely love the "lost camera" pictures. I'm such a sucker for stories via signs, lol!! And the stab at DOOL was so called for. Anyway, let's hope no else ever has to see them on your memory card.
Andrea said…
LOL Cute Jen! You just made my day with that post :) We will totally have to go on a fun photowalk together someday...may have to leave the boo's at home though!
Thanks guys! You make me feel like a little less of a spaz. ;)

Rochelle - the week that Mickey died was even worse than usual. Hope crying was pitiful. The best part is they killed him off and already one day later in Salem nobody cares lol.

We can go on a photowalk anytime Drea! I would love that. Let me know the next time you are coming up and we will do it.
Melanie said…
Jen, this post is hilarious! I particularly like the lost camera diatribe. Thanks for taking Jason out, he had a splendid time.
Erika said…
Great pictures from your walk! I can't help but loving the cute dino, and the photos from inside the church are so beautiful.
What a great idea to put a little story on the memory card in the camera. And yours is so funny!