Day 23 {birthday party}

Today was a good day. The kids were invited to their cousin's birthday party so we went to Brantford for the day. On the way in the car I managed to capture a picture I have been trying to get forever. When the boys travel in the car, they usually hold hands. Every time I think to take a picture of it, they stop and I end up missing it. Today I caught it and this picture melts my heart.

Owen is usually the one who starts it. He holds out his hand and depending on his mood, Ethan sometimes ignores him and on some days like today he gives in. It's absolutely adorable.

I love how you can see Ava's cabbage patch doll in the backseat with her seat belt on. :)

From there, we were off to Kidtastic. We'd never been and the kids loved it.

The highlight of the afternoon? Air hockey. The boys LOVED it (Owen's in the brown and Ethan is in the blue).

Then it was cake and present opening time. Happy birthday Natalia!

One part of the birthday present we bought for Natalia. My guess is that my sister-in-law is cursing my name to the tune of about 500 little pieces right about now. ;)

Thanks for looking!


Shannon said…
Thanks so much for coming. We all had a blast. The beads arn't so bad. We have made tons and tons of jewelery with them today.

BTW, I am currently on the hunt form something equally filled with small pieces for the boys birthday in a few weeks. Is it time for Lego for them yet?
Sujomi said…
The hand holding picture IS heart-melting. I'm glad you were able to capture it.
Jennifer said…
Thanks ladies! Thanks for a great time Saturday. The kids had a fabulous time at the party. It was so fun to see how excited they all were at Kidtastic. What a fabulous place!

Good luck with the present hunting. I am sure you will find something great lol. Just PLEASE GOD no more megablocs. We have enough that we could build a second house.