day 111 - playing in the backyard $

It was a pretty uneventful day around here. Jason's been on holidays and I was off today so it was a day of laundry and odd jobs around the house.

The weather was beautiful, so the kids were happy to play outside. All Ava wanted to do was play with my camera which excites me but also scares me because she gets right into it and runs all over the place. If she breaks it, there goes Project 365. ;)

Anyway, here is one of her pictures - it's the monkey bars on the play set. I think it's very cool:

I decided I wanted to try panning pictures again. The problem is they are not easy in the sense that they can take many tries and how many tries you do depends on how strong your stomach is. Two or three tries and that was it. Overall it was somewhat of a failure compared to last time, but Owen enjoyed himself.

Other randoms from the day include: buds on our crab apple tree in the backyard

and Ava's choice of footwear for the day. Yes - we went in public like this and yes I went along with it. You have to pick your battles and this was not the hill I was going to die on today. I actually find it kind of cute.

I also took pictures of the boys side by side. They aren't great pictures or favourites or anything, but I know that twins fascinate people and I regularly get requests for pictures of the boys side by side so people can check out the resemblance. That's Owen on the left and Ethan on the right.

Here's a fun one of Ava and I. I told her I was taking a picture of our shadows. Here she is making a funny face for the camera.

Talk about depressing and a completely unflattering shadow. The hoodie and slightly baggy jeans I had on make me look like I'm 300 pounds. Luckily I noticed this after my exercise class tonight. It makes me want to go downstairs and kill that bag of Cheetos on the top shelf of the cupboard. Thankfully, not only is the thought of climbing the stairs exhausting, but my arms are so sore from class that I couldn't lift my arms to shovel them into my mouth anyway.


Mari said…
Great shots today! I love the sky shot and the panned one too.
That Ava is a fashionista!
Jennifer said…
Thanks Mari!!! I really appreciate it!