day 153 - the walk of shame $

It's that time again. Time for the walk of shame back to the library to square up. The head librarian's grandchildren strike again. First it was Ava and now Owen.

Upon our return from story hour this morning, Owen carried the Handy Manny DVD he picked out into the house himself. He then took off for the dining room with it full blast. By the time I had climbed under the table after him, the case was open and the DVD was broken.

That was pretty much par for the course today. After that the boys scaled their gate at naptime and smuggled play dough into their room where they proceeded to rip a container of it into tiny little pieces and throw it all over their floor. Not fun.

Anyway, here's one of the books we took back to the library today and when Ethan finds out we no longer have it, he is not going to be impressed. This is his favourite book called Smash Crash. His favourite character is the pink garbage (or "garvage" as Ethan says) truck named Gabriella.

So all in all, not an exciting day, but a frustrating day and I am glad it is over.