day 29 - well this is awkward

How many days has it been? Five? Has it even been that many? Anyway, I downloaded it.

Maybe it was the catchy techno part. Maybe it was the fact that I knew the kids would love it as much as "I Gotta Feeling". Or maybe I just decided that I'm not that attached to Dirty Dancing so bastardize away. Whatever the case, damn you and damn you Fergie. And damn you......two other freeloading Peas. You know the ones I'm talking about. Four years in and I still have absolutely no idea what your names are.

Today we were off to a birthday party. It was a lot of fun and I was relieved to see that my sons are still only interested in beating the living daylights out of each other and didn't lay a hand on anybody else. Phew.

It's always funny to see how they react in social situations and how they put two and two together. For example, it took them exactly three seconds to realize that "pin the tail on the donkey" equals air hockey table vacancy.


Happy birthday Nathan! Thanks for a great time! If my kids sleep in tomorrow I'll buy you lunch.


Anonymous said…
He he. Too cute. Love the air hockey photo.
Bobi said…
well this post totally cracked me up... I would go for the air hockey too. It's a favorite with us.
Colleen said…
Yeah... who are the other two peas??

The world may never know.

I can't decide if I like the song or not. And why exactly is Mick Jagger in every song lately?
Now you've got us all wondering...Who are the 'other' two peas?
Nathan was so excited about his party this week!
Dana said…
Haha-- I told you a few posts ago that the song was catchy! I'm glad you came over to the dark side.

And I love the reflection of your son in the hocky table- great shot!

(I don't know if its your blog or Wordpress or whatever- but when I go to leave a comment, it says there's an error with using the OpenID option. I'm Snapshots2011, but I have to use my google account to leave the comment-- jsyk!)
Yeah I was not so sure of that song at first either but it is groing on me.
Natalie said…
Aww the second photo is so cute~~
Sarah P. said…
What is it about the Black Eyed Peas that the kids love?? :) My boys love that song too.
Trish ~ ♥ ~ said…
Hubby and I always enjoy a good game of air hockey, I usually LET him win!