day 43 - this birthday party brought to you by disney

Today finally arrived and since the boys still don't really grasp the concept of time, I think Ava and I were more excited than they were.

Today was the boys' third birthday party.

The theme? Cars.

And I had a lot of help. Big thanks to my mom for making the beautiful cupcakes, my dad for making spaghetti sauce and my mother-in-law for making the caesar salad. I can bake like a fiend and I am a decent cook, but I cannot make caesar salad to save my life. It's odd I know, but I just can't.

I also have to thank Checco for his help with the decorations because there is no way I could have done these cupcake stands from scratch on my own. And I have to say that the posters were sheer brilliance. I can't look at them without laughing my head off.

The party was a success. The kids had fun, the boys got spoiled and Disney profited big time. By the end of the party both boys were wearing matching Lightning McQueen leather jackets, rubber boots and riding Lightning McQueen motorized quads.

Man those quads are loud. Whose brilliant idea were they?!

At the end of the day, we're still working on etiquette. The cardinal rule of "Thou shalt not blow out the birthday boy's candles" becomes a bit blurry when there are two birthday boys (Owen left, Ethan right). Owen's candle was later re-lit so he could blow it out on his own.

From here on my shots become few and far between and snapshotty with the flash so I'll spare you. I had high hopes for some cool shots during the balloon drop but my camera died (oh Error 99 how I loathe you).

So overall it was a good day. We still have one day of the terrible twos left (humour me here - they could end right at three and I am clinging to that) and one of my little two year olds (Owen) fell asleep on me on the couch. I can't remember the last time that happened. What a perfect way to end a very long day.


SKC said…
Looks like a fun party. Loved how you displayed those cupcakes. They look so yummy.
Katherine said…
Awesome party, awesome pictures! Wow, I'm totally impressed. Happy Birthday to your boys :)
Flohbock said…
Happy Birthday.... sooo cute cake!
Mari said…
What a great party! Love the cupcakes and the posters!
Trish ~ ♥ ~ said…
How fun! Happy Birthday Boys!
Anonymous said…
Awesome photos! How did you do those cupcakes stands? Those are awesome! How fun!
Sujomi said…
What awsome party decorations. Love the posters with the boys heads on them. And Happy Birthday to thme!
Anonymous said…
Looks like it was an awesome party-- the little touches are perfect!
The Clip Cafe said…
WOW amazing! Really colourful and great ;o)
Lovely party!! Would LOVE to know how you did the cupcake stands! We are also having a CARS birthday for our little boy and looking for some inspiration! lol