the joy of love - what they say

Last weekend while I was cleaning the computer room, I stepped on a straight pin. It stuck right up into the boney part of my toe so far that it took some wiggling to get it out. It weirds me out just thinking about it. Anyway, Ava was with me when it happened.

She calmly said "I know exactly what to do!" and was gone. Two minutes later she was back with a bandaid, vaseline and a q-tip. She prepared the bandaid and had me all fixed up. She was like a little doctor. She was so impressed with herself and so was I. She is such a quick learner and she may only be four years old but she is the little mother of the house. She always looks out for all of us.

Today Ethan fell and scraped his foot. Once again Ava was gone in a flash and came back with everything she needed to fix him up.

I told her that she would make a wonderful doctor or nurse one day and she informed me that she isn't going to be a doctor or nurse. She is going to be a teacher during the day and a ballerina at night.

Who knows - maybe she'll become a Spanish teacher.


Scrappy Grams said…
She has one of the needed talents to be a teacher, that's for sure- knowing how to take care of those in whom one is in charge!
Signed with a smile,
Retired 1st grade teacher :D
snapshots2011 said…
That is absolutely precious!
Jennifer said…
Thanks ladies. :)