day 78 - fool me twice, shame on me

Maybe I'm still bitter about the whole super harvest moon that wasn't fiasco, but the moon on Saturday night didn't look that big to me. Keep in mind I wasn't able to see it until it had risen over some roofs, but seriously - what I saw didn't look that different to me.

The only difference is that this time I researched settings a bit beforehand:

The earth spinning on its axis is faster than three year old twinadoes. Highly unlikely, but whatever. Check. Low ISO. Check. Stop it down. Check. Use a tripod. No idea where my mount is so I will balance it on the window frame and try not to drop it from the second storey and onto the deck. Check.

Not bad considering I blew my last attempt but I could definitely benefit from a bit more zoom.

My other picture for today is of my son. The kid is obsessed with his hair. He has to put Argan oil in it when he gets out of the bath. Then he has to blow dry it himself until he has spikes. From there I am usually asked to put gel in it to spike it. Then the finishing touch is a nice mist of glitter spray.

Tonight he moved onto pigtails.

Far be it from me to tell him how he can wear his hair. Rock on with your bad self, Owen.


Anonymous said…
I didn't think it was that big either. I also didn't see it till it had risen some though. It looks great though.
Excellent moon shot!
The expression on Owen's face is priceless.
Finally, someone who saw what I saw. Just a moon! We were watching it all night. I stayed up two hours later just to see this magnificent moon, because obviously it was going to get bigger at some time. But now.

So, I got up super early, in my robe and PJs I stood on our back deck with my camera and tripod to photography this moon, and I got a picture of a moon.

You've made me feel so much better. Maybe 600 years from now, we'll get that shot!

I do love your moon shot though. You can see the craters!