day 123 - let the flower picking begin

The soccer season is upon us.

Tonight was uniform pickup night and it went much smoother than last year. Ava is not only on the red team, she got the number she wanted and the red team is stacked with her friends.

It helps to have connections.

It also marks the beginning of "Tim Hortons on the brain" - a very serious condition which involves the need to seek out the nearest Tim Hortons immediately following a half an hour of seeing 100 little Timbit billboards trotting here and there across the soccer field.

Bravo Tim Hortons. I surrender to your in-your-face marketing approach.


Checco said…
I see a great opportunity here for Labatt or Molson. Some parents need a bigger kick then a coffee after a half an hour of seeing 100 little kids running around like a swarm of bees with no sense of direction. Good luck to Ava and her team. Marco and Nathalie also start picking flowers soon.
Nancy said…
Great that your daughter got the right combination going this year!

I don't know what Tim Horton's is. I live in the country. So sorry! :)
Carlynn said…
Hope it is the best season ever!