day 173 - three minutes in the cage with spiderman and bone saw mcgraw

Trampoline days are here again. I can safely say that it is the best money we ever spent.

The only draw back is there's more wrestling being done inside than jumping. It's like watching an intercontinental championship cage match. Way to go, Spiderman (RIP Macho Man).

Tonight I got on the trampoline with the kids and I wasn't getting off until I took a decent picture with my Hipstamatic app. I'm finding the square orientation a real challenge, but I liked this one:

This is Ethan shortly before he jumped so hard his pants fell down around his ankles.


Branson said…
When I was a kid my ear landed on my lil sister's knee on a trampoline and it broke my ear drum... kind of killed them for me! LOL! Cute photos though!