fabulous friday - top five and a winner!

Hi everyone! I hope you're having a great week. Sorry for the delay in posting this week's favourites - I am away on a business trip.

Before I get into the favourites, I wanted to answer a reader question about the iPhone app I used to create the pictures I posted last week. The app is called Half Tone and it's $1.99 in the app store and I love it. Have fun!

Speaking of half tone, I really liked this picture by Jessaca. It's real life meets cartoon strip. I thought it was very cool and original.

I loved the simplicity of this shot by Danelle. It's very peaceful and I love the sharpness of the water droplets.

This shot by Marla is fantastic. Love the perspective and I love the blurry wheat in front making it seem like she was standing there in the middle of the field.

And then running like hell to get away from the combine. Anybody remember Superman III?

Loved this shot by Leigh. These are shots I would blow up huge and frame for my living room. Love them. What a beautiful series.

And the winner of Fabulous Friday is...Kel. I love everything about this shot she took at the park. Great shot and processing!

Have a great week everyone! And thanks for playing along!

Feel free to grab your buttons winners! Thanks again everyone and have fantastic week.


Branson said…
All great, but I too love that winning shot!!
Jessaca said…
OH sweet Jennifer... THANKS!!!!