day 182 - searching for shadeberries

It was a holiday today and we spent the entire day outside. It was a day we definitely made the most of. It started with strawberry picking where the kids I picked three, 4-L baskets of delicious Ontario strawberries.

Overheard during the day:

Ethan (five minutes into picking): "This isn't fun anymore."

Owen (after eating the first berry he picked): "Yuck. This is too hot. Where are the shadeberries?"

Ava to Nana (as we passed Fergus Gardens where we picked strawberries two years ago): "We're never going to that place again. The lady took all of Mommy's money and she doesn't have any left."

Word sister.

DAMN IT! We paid $28 for 4 overfilled baskets in 2009. I paid $30 for 3 baskets today at a different farm. Son of a.

Well I'm a bit bitter now.

Anyway, after I was robbed blind, we went on a picnic at the park.

And after some quick research on the internet, we went to see the Canada Day fireworks. I got my tripod set up, my settings all set, three laser swords purchased and $17 later...three fireworks crack in the air, I start to take pictures...

and Ava says she has to go pee.

Fireworks blasting in the air, Ava and I sprinted through the parking lot like we were running across a WWII battle field.

Ava: "Mommy I'm scared."
Me: "Just keep running."

I didn't get as many shots taken as I wanted to, but I am thankful that I got a few okay ones.