day 214 - i want to ride my bicycle

Tonight the kids biked to the park with Nana and Grandad. They had a great time.

Ava was amazed when Nana slid down the slides with them and I slid down the pole. Yeah that's right people. I did it.

This post is dedicated to my beautiful son, Owen, who recently had a little chat with me:

Owen: "Mommy? Why did Nana Great die?
Me: "Oh buddy. She died because she got sick and she was old."


Owen: "So are you old or are you new? Cause I'm new."


Misty said…
Love the things kids say. Thanks for sharing. That made me smile.
anettesbokboble said…
Oh, what a sweetie ;)
Anonymous said…
Aww! So sweet.
Anonymous said…
That is pretty much the cutest thing I've heard all week. So...what was your answer- are you old or new? lol