day 234 - where's the tylenol?

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Brand new skirt: $10. Emergency stop at Shoppers to buy a bottle of water and rapid action Tylenol: $7.25.

I don't get migraines very often but when I do I get a warning that it's coming. My vision starts to get slightly blurry. I can see to drive but I can't read things. About fifteen minutes after that I'll get a really sharp pain at my temples and start seeing halos around stuff. Sometimes my face tingles, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes I have to lie down in a dark room and go for a nap and sometimes I don't. It all depends on how fast I get some Tylenol into me. Tonight I got it in fast enough and wasn't in pain for too long.

What's puzzling is that the last two times I've gotten a migraine I was doing the exactly same thing. Both times I stopped at the same dollar store to pick something up and both times I put down what I was looking at and left. While this is good news for my bank account, what if I'm allergic to the dollar store?

This isn't good.

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One Response to “day 234 - where's the tylenol?”

Anonymous said...

Good news.
You might not be allergic to the dollar store. It could be the cheaply made plastic products from china.