day 234 - where's the tylenol?

Brand new skirt: $10. Emergency stop at Shoppers to buy a bottle of water and rapid action Tylenol: $7.25.

I don't get migraines very often but when I do I get a warning that it's coming. My vision starts to get slightly blurry. I can see to drive but I can't read things. About fifteen minutes after that I'll get a really sharp pain at my temples and start seeing halos around stuff. Sometimes my face tingles, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes I have to lie down in a dark room and go for a nap and sometimes I don't. It all depends on how fast I get some Tylenol into me. Tonight I got it in fast enough and wasn't in pain for too long.

What's puzzling is that the last two times I've gotten a migraine I was doing the exactly same thing. Both times I stopped at the same dollar store to pick something up and both times I put down what I was looking at and left. While this is good news for my bank account, what if I'm allergic to the dollar store?

This isn't good.


Anonymous said…
Good news.
You might not be allergic to the dollar store. It could be the cheaply made plastic products from china.