day 284 - the end of the day

My boys are obsessed with sunsets and they come by it honestly. Many times I have sat in the van with them while I take pictures of the sunset.

The second they see the sky start to light up with colour they scream for me, drag me to the window and beg me to take a picture. (It's the same thing for sunrises, except don't tell them it's called a sunrise. It's a sunset and they will argue with you until you are blue in the face.)

Tonight I went to end of the street with Ethan to see the sunset.

Personally I think he has an ulterior motive. He's still looking for that damn tractor that gave his brother a ride in the spring. It still hasn't come back for him and he is not impressed.


Misty said…
Wowza! Beautiful shot.
Cordial Chaos said…
What a great shot!!!
Gretchen said…
Gorgeous sky... gorgeous sunset!!