fabulous friday - top five and a winner!

Sorry for the delay everyone! We were in Phoenix over the weekend and flying home took much longer due to the severe weather in the US. I hope you are all okay and that none of you were affected by the tornadoes that touched down over the weekend.

Here are this week's winners. This week's entries made me go through a range of emotions.

The first entry by Cher made me happy. It helped me find the beauty in what has been a miserable and rainy spring thus far. This shot is stunning and is proof that there are still beautiful things worth photographing in this wet weather.

This shot by Kristen inspired me. It's absolutely perfect from the processing right down to the composition. I love the sense of scale, the pose, the year on the curtain...everything. One day her daughter is going to look back and be thankful that she got this fabulous shot.

This shot by Shannon also inspired me and it made me happy. I love the vibrant colours and I love the sharpness of this shot. It's absolutely beautiful.

This shot by of two tired tourists on a bus by Camaca made me swoon. It spoke to the part of me that likes to sit and watch chick flicks for hours on end. And it was shot with an iPhone. In fact all of her shots are done with the iPhone and absolutely no Photoshop - you should check her blog out.

And that brings us to this week's winner of Fabulous Friday: One. When I saw this picture I looked, then I looked a bit closer. Then I believe my reaction was something like "is that beetle spanking the other one"? And then I fell off my chair.

Hands down the funniest submission so far. Bahahahahaha... Love. It.

Make sure you grab your buttons:

Have a great week everyone! Thanks so much to everyone who participated. See you Friday!


shannon said…
Wow! Thank you :)
One said…
Jennifer, Thank you for picking my photo. You are right. I see the spanking arm too now that you mention it. I enjoy coming over each week and never expected my photo to be chosen. This is definitely a pleasant surprise. Thank you.
camaca said…
At last! blogger works!

Jenniffer, thanks for your kind words I'm so so happy!!! iujuuuuuu
you make me smile a lot this morning!!!
4 Lettre Words said…
Such a fantastic winner!
mommy to many said…
oh my goodness! that is the funniest picture i have seen in a LOOONG time! great job "one"