fabulous friday challenge

Welcome to another week! It's been a good week that started with a trip to Henrys. I wasn't entirely sure about this backdrop when I bought it, but I've been pleasantly surprised and had fun playing with it on Saturday to create my new Facebook profile picture (below).

Here's an outtake, or as I call it, their usual faces.

Fabulous Friday

Hope you had a wonderful week! Thanks for linking up. :)

Just a reminder of the rules:

1. The picture has to be taken by you.
2. The picture has been taken during the past week and it can be a picture you have posted earlier in the week.
3. Link up using the link to your individual blog post and not your main blog address.
4. Please include the Fabulous Friday button (below) in your post to link back to my site.
5. Leave feedback for five other participants. Let them know what you think!
6. By linking up you are okay with me re-posting your photo here if you are chosen for the top five.


Dominique Goh said…
Love your new facebook header.. I've yet to think what I should put on it..so far just have place a photo of the beach in Bali which we visited last yr.
Lovely pictures and awesome photography.
Desirae R said…
That shot has so much personality in it. I think the purple background really pops!
Tiffany said…
Love the back drop...what fun!

tiarastantrums said…
LOVE IT! I always let my kids have the "super silly face" then the serious looks!
Ashley Sisk said…
Way too cute - love the header too. I want to really work on mine!
Nancy said…
First time here. Thanks for hosting. Your photography is wonderful. God bless.
Melanie said…
Sooooo stinkn cute! I love the back drop, & do ya think your adorable kiddos could get a liitle more personality?! Lol..
Anonymous said…
They are soo cute and I just saw your facebook header. love it.
geetlee said…
thank you for hosting fabulous friday :)
geetlee said…
thank you for hosting fabulous friday :)
Unknown said…
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