fabulous friday challenge

Happy Friday everyone! It's been a really long week here and it seemed like Friday would never get here. The kids have been sick the past two weeks and I haven't had time to take a lot of pictures.

I took this photo tonight. Owen has been sick all week. One minute he's playing and running around and the next he's fast asleep on the grass beside the playset, burning up with fever with his siblings poking at him (they operate with a no mercy policy).

Tonight had one of those brighter moments. He was playing dress up with Ava and having a wonderful time, only to crash a short while later.

Here's hoping for brighter days ahead for this little monkey.

Fabulous Friday

How was your week? What was fabulous about it? Thanks for joining in and have a fantastic weekend!

Just a reminder of the rules:

1. The picture has to be taken by you.
2. The picture has been taken during the past week and it can be a picture you have posted earlier in the week.
3. Link up using the link to your individual blog post and not your main blog address.
4. Please include the Fabulous Friday button (below) in your post to link back to my site.
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Melanie said…
Ahhh... Hoping your adorable little munchkins are feeling better asap! Love the costumes, LOVE the picture!
Lovely costumes they are wearing. Hope they get better soon.
Anonymous said…
Cute photo. Hope he feels better soon. Poor guy.
Unknown said…
Cute! Hope he feels better soon!
...melody... said…
Adorable picture. Awesome costumes. I hope your son feels better! :) I also want to apologize if get a dozen e-mails due to my attempts to link up this week. I don't know if it was the internet, images, my blog, or what, but it took me a bunch of tries. Oops! :)
Unknown said…
What cute animals you have. I hope he's feeling better soon.