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Day 31 {Owen walks}

Saturday, 31 January 2009

Today was a great day. Lots of stuff happened today.

Look who is walking now. It's Chomp Chomp (please note that Chomp Chomp is now Owen):

Somebody had an excellent day potty training and got a lot of treats in return...

Ava and I went on our weekly trip to the library...

and Ava found her favourite book - Pigs by Robert Munsch.

The quarantine was lifted at my grandmother's nursing home, so I was finally able to go and visit her. I was thrilled to see that she was doing very well and much better than the last time I saw her a few weeks ago. (Big thanks to my aunt for taking this picture for me.)

Then after that Ava and I played outside in the snow.

Ava standing by the massive pile of snow at the end of our street. A pile which we later climbed together. Not sure what was going on but my pictures from outside were TERRIBLE. They were really dark.

It took us five minutes to walk through the yard to the swing set. In some spots the snow was almost up to my waist.

That was it for today. I'd really like to do some scrapbooking right now but I may just have to go to sleep. I think playing in the snow wiped me out.

Thanks for looking!

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Day 30 {bathtime}

Friday, 30 January 2009

Well today was a hard day to get pictures. There wasn't enough natural light in the house before I leftfor work and the sun was down by the time I got home. I stuck with it though and have a few pictures from today.

Ava playing in the bathtub...

I'm sure this picture will disturb them for years to come. But seriously it's a lot easier to get the bathing assembly line going and do one bath and only have to fill the tub once.

Scarlett does this every night. She follows me upstairs when Ava goes up to bed and while I am reading to Ava, she crashes on my side of the bed and keeps it nice and warm for me. She lies there until I go to bed and then she gets off the bed and lies beside the bed on the floor. :)

Other than that, not much happened today.

Number of times I skidded on ice and fish tailed into the other lane: one
Number of almost accidents I saw on the way to work: one
Number of cars in the ditch on the way in to work: one
Number of times a 72 piece pot of gum opened and spilled all over my purse: 1
Number of pieces of gum that fell out when it opened: 71
Number of times I swore as a result of all of the above: 3

Thanks for looking! And big thanks to everyone who has posted comments - I really appreciate it. :)

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Day 29 {goober kiss}

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Today was a fun day. And a great day for pictures with lots of beautiful light streaming in through the windows. As a result, I have lots of pictures for you today.

New nicknames were assigned today by Ava. From this point on, Ethan is Bammo, Owen is Queedie and Ava is Punk.

As usual, a poor dog was harassed.

Poor Scarlett. In this picture it looks like she's saying "If they bring one more baby home from the hospital, I swear to God I am packing my stuff and I am out of here."

Tell me this isn't a devious look on Bammo's face.

As usual the living room was destroyed. Punk pleaded with me to watch the Pussycat Dolls again. The second I put it on, all three kids came crawling out from where they where playing and started bopping around and swaying back and forth. (Queedie's hard to see - he's up near the tv.)

Queedie made it to 12:15 before he crashed...

and Bammo crashed almost an hour before.

Punk went to wake up Queedie and got in trouble for that as well as for getting Dora alphagetti all over her clothes.

But how do you yell at her when A. she looks at you like this and B. the huge pants she dressed herself in this morning fall down to her ankles as she stands there talking to you.

Auntie M came by for a visit after school.

Auntie M and her god son Queedie.

Would you believe that Punk took this picture? I am very impressed. Other than tweaking it a bit for posting, I did nothing to the composition. This was all Punk.

Punk's new thing. A "goober kiss". She puckers up her lips and rubs them all over your cheek. And you are not allowed to wipe it off. She is very insulted if you do. (These pictures are my favourites for today.)

Did I mention that no matter what the current nicknames are, Auntie M's nickname is always Nuts? This is Punk yelling goodbye to Nuts. This is her new thing. She yells at people at the top of her lungs as they walk to their car. This is her screaming one of three things she usually yells at Nuts: "I love you!", "Ciao, Bella!" or my personal favourite "Bear Cheese!" (Punk's version of arrivederci).

Well that's it for today. Hope you all had a great day. Thanks for looking!

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Day 28 {first day off}

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Hi everyone! Today was pretty uneventful but I managed to snap a few pictures. It was my first day off this week and I am also off tomorrow. So far I am really liking it. It's like a weekend in the middle of the week.

The kids were dressed first thing this morning. Mommy was a different story and was like this until 11. It was GREAT.

Ava taking a picture of me. She very seriously told me "Okay. No cheese, no smile. Just look at me." Then for the next shot I was told "turn away and look at something else and I'll take a picture of you". Wonder where she got this from?

Somebody wanted their toenails painted.

And was very impatient when it didn't dry quickly.

My favourite random shot from the day:

That's it for today! Thanks for looking.

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Day 27 {zingy zaps}

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Well, I only took 10 pictures today. All day. It wasn't because there wasn't anything to take pictures of, it's because unless I hire a chauffeur, I can't take pictures and drive at the same time. And since we are now employing a nanny there is definitely no money left over for a chauffeur lol.

The highlight of the day was a lunchtime visit to the Bulk Barn with one of the girls from work for a little afternoon pick me up. Some people go outside for smoke breaks, we go buy candy. Only once in a while though like today. If course we had to go because I just started back at work so we had to continue the celebrations. I'd like to point out that I took my lunch today and I actually ate it. So we went to Bulk Barn to celebrate that too lol.

Here is another one of my weaknesses: zingy zaps. Often you will find a big bag of them in my desk and me walking around with a black tongue.

The stash for everyone. (Only the hickory sticks are mine.)

Other than that, the day was uneventful.

Number of children who waved to me this morning as I drove away: one (the four legged hairy one).

Number of inconsiderate drivers in white trucks who cut me off: one.

Number of profanities muttered in the car as a result: one.

Lunches remembered: one

Breakfasts forgotten: one. Damn! I knew I forgot something.

Number of episodes of my soap operas I need to catch up on: four

Number of days I have off before I go back to work again: two

Number of birthday parties I have to plan tomorrow: one

Well, that's about it for today. Sorry for the lack of pictures. I plan to more than make up for it tomorrow when I am home with the kids.

Thanks for looking!

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Day 26 {back to work}

Monday, 26 January 2009

Today was a pretty good day. It was busy and I didn't get much of a chance to see the kids, but I got to catch up with everyone at work and that was great. Here was our day.

Some people were with it...

Some were not.

And some people were dying for me to leave so they could play with the new toys.

Notes were left...

Number of children waving to me from the window: zero

Part of going back to work I hate. Profanities escaping my mouth during drive: zero. Outstanding.

What gets me through it:

Yes. I admit there was some rocking going on.

And I was early. Outstanding. It rarely happened with one child and here it happened today on my first day going to work with three children.

Guess whose email wasn't deactivated before her leave? Number of emails in my inbox when I left today: 5.

The ceremonial first whopper of 2009 was eaten. It's a tradition around work. We love our BK.

Except for SOMEBODY...who opted for this place instead. JANIE. So we hit both.

Now I will be good and take my lunch every day until I fall off the wagon again.

Terrible lighting, but here are the flowers at work. Every Monday we get new flowers so that will be a must get shot every Monday.

Arriving home, filling up and getting ready to do it all again tomorrow:

The person most excited to see me? The dog.

But Ava did scream Mommy when I walked in. Followed by "don't take a picture of me!!!"

And that was it. I don't know how I will find stuff to take pictures of on work days but I'll try. I've got tomorrow night's dinner in the fridge and ready for the crock pot in the morning so maybe there's an opportunity there.

Thanks for looking!

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